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Refrigeration & HVAC Services

Halifax Refrigeration System, Air Conditioner, & Heat Pump Services

MacDow Mechanical Ltd in Lower Sackville specializes in all aspects of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning from sales and consultation to installation, service, and maintenance. We regularly work with businesses in the food service industry throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. We also handle residential air conditioning and heat pump sales and service.

We provide a range of services and support for walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, rooftop HVAC, mid-commercial refrigeration, and air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Effective

Our team takes great pride in recommending energy efficient and cost-effective products, as well as providing you with quality installation services performed by licensed professionals. Just one look at our testimonials will demonstrate the quality you get when choosing MacDow Mechanical Ltd.

A Little Maintenance

Routine HVAC system maintenance is important because, like your car, regular maintenance keeps everything running smoothly and avoids repair or replacement costs. Even though most systems have a ten year life span, they need routine maintenance to continue to work properly.

Consider this: you would never drive a car for ten years without ever having it serviced. They need regular “check-ups” to change the oil and lubricate various moving parts. An HVAC system requires much the same type of service. Especially given the fact that on average, it will run for between 30 and 40 percent of the day, each and every day.

Contact MacDow Mechanical Ltd to discuss getting your system serviced to help protect your investment.

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